Country field for RSForm

Country field for RSForm

Country Field fror RSForm is Joomla (version 2.5+ and 3+) plugin which installs new field type to RSForm component along with database of all countries.

Plugin appearance

field-labelAfter installation and publishing, the plugin will automatically appear as a new form field within every form configuration.

Country Field configuration

field-configConfiguring the Country Field is as easy as Text Input field. Just insert field Name and Caption. That's it.

There is also field Default Value. If you insert to this field some text, this text will appear as the first option of the drop down box. If you insert a country ID then country with this ID will be preset.

Country field result

field-resultThe result of Country Field is drop down box with all countries with alphabetical order.

To display country which user selected, in email or thank you page, use placeholder as usual:


For example if your field's name is country, then use placeholder {country:value}


Download now 

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This is demo form with Country Field plugin in action. It is by the way fully functional form and you can pay 10 EUR to support further development of this plugin.

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