Phoca Gallery Category module

eScope Phoca Gallery category module

This Joomla! (versions 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 2.5, 3.0, 3.1) module displays categories from Phoca Gallery component. It can display the first picture of gallery as thumbnail, category name, category description and few other features. For better understanding check demo.


Phoca Gallery Category module parameters

This modul is for CMS Joomla! 1.5, since version 1.6.0 for Joolma 1.6, 1.7 and 2.5.

JavaScript conflict

More modules with JavaScript libraries should cause conflict. If this problem occurs, try to set 'Insert Jquery library' to 'no'. If this does not solve the problem, turn of Rounded corners also. The border without rounded corners should be done by CSS.

Rounded corners

Rounded corners are made by JavaScript library Jquery v1.4.4 and jQuery Image Rounder v1.0.1 plugin. Both libraries hold MIT licence, so free to use. JQuery can use other licences also. A radius, a width and a color of broder can be set by modules parameters.

Category order

The order is determined by the date of creation. It can be set as descending, ascending or random.

CSS style

The css style option is offered to webmasters who can work with css. Onely the style1 is fild in. The others wil be addes to next version. Send me the css style for this module by email if you cerate it, please. I publish it in next version.

Path to css style: /modules/mod_phocagallery_ctgry/css/

thumbnails size

Phoca Gallery creates from every picture 3 thumbnails. These are large, medium and small. You can choose which one you like. The size of created thumbnails can be changed in configuration of Phoca Gallery component.

It does not show some categories

Probably there is problem, that category does not have image with order number 1. Solution is realy quick. Go to Phoca Gallery -> Images and click the save icon next text 'Order' in the header of table with list of images. The order recount itself.

Pagination and other PG setting

There was issue that when you opend PG gallery from menu, it was set up differently then when you opened it form menu item. It was because setting like pagination were not loaded form module. Since 2.5.2 verison, you can set in module configuration that module should behave like one of your menu items. Be sure you have at least one Phoca Gallery menu item created.

Other issues

If you have other issues, write comment below.


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