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Escope PrettyPhoto can display images and Youtube videos inside nice lightbox called PrettyPhoto. It is module for Joomla 1.6 and above. All you have to insert is URL of image or youtube / vimeo video. If you have troubles with JavaScript, use jQuery Easy plugin which solves problems with jquery conflict.

Caution: This module is not supported any more.


Basic Options


As type use "Normal" for images and videos. Iframe is onely for display of whole web pages. 


PrettyPhoto has five nice themes. Choose the one which suits with the template of websites.

Show thumbnials/ titles/ description

Select wether you wish to display thumbnails or titles or both.

Load JavaScript libraries

There can be problem, when in one site loads Jquery Javascript library more then one times. So if modul doesn't work properly, try to turn Jquery off. Also if you dispaly this module at one site multiple times, it's not nececery to load PrettyPhoto Javascript library multiple times. 

Both Javascript libraries are free to use. For more informations folow links from upper paragraph.


This option is not ready yet. Sorry for that.

Overlay gallery

This option dispalys small tumbnails of other photos/videos at one gallery at bottom of images/videos. Try it.

Slideshow identificator

This is option for professionals. If you use more than one instance of this module at one site, the images/videos form all instances will be automaticly at one gallery. So when user will click on "next" button in gallery, the images/videos from other gallery will be also. If you want more separate galleries at one site, you have to set different identificator.

Thumbnail width/height

For thumbnails use images with propper size. Care about webpage size. Use this option onely in an emergency.



Title description

Every image/video should have title and description. But it's up to you.

Select thumbnail

Select the image which will represent the bigger image or video. Not required.


This is onely required field. Insert there the path to image or for example Youtube video.

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