eScope Error Handler

eScope Error Handler takes care about errors (usually 404) when something is missing at front end. Plugin takes "alias" from old URL and ask database of articles if this alias exists. If it does, plugin redirect user to this article. If not, plugin calls com_search and puts words from alias to search. User don't get error 404 anymore. Just relevant results.

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Phoca Gallery Category module

This Joomla! module displays categories from Phoca Gallery component. It can display the first picture of gallery as thumbnail, category name, category description and few other features. For better understanding check the demo. Set up choices and more information is in the documentation.

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GForm is great Joomla component for creating guestionaires with many steps. It was developed to work writh Google Drive Spreadsheet forms.

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GitHub Repo

GitHub Repo plugin embeds any public GitHub repository into your Joomla content.

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easycalcEasyCalc is component for creating realtime calculators of any type. For example if you need to explain your customers how many time / money / gray hairs atc. they save by using your product / service, let them count it for their situation.

Rich Snippets for VirtueMart

rich-snippets 207x207This awesome Joomla plugin adds structured data (also called Rich Snippets or meta information) about your VirtueMart products. It generates this automatically from the actual products. The best benefit is that Google can display some of these information right in the search results.